Our Co-ops History

How Our Co-op Got It’s Start

1985 – Village Green sponsored Co-op with $20,000 and an incorporating Board of Directors.

Homestarts was hired to develop the co-op. Peel Living assisted with another $100,000 loan.

Search for Land

Many sites were looked at. Some were near railway tracks, hydro corridors and highways and were not considered appropriate. The land the co-op eventually purchased, was under negotiations with the City of Brampton, be a strip plaza. However, the plan was turned down by the people in the neighbourhood. The Christian Reformed Church actually owned the land. They sold the property to the co-op for 1.4 million dollars.

1986 Naming the Co-op

Since Village Green Co-op sponsored this co-op, they had the opportunity to name it. Frank McLoughlin was the child of a family living in the co-op. Frank had developed a rare kidney disease and could not attend school. He was in the hospital every other day, for dialysis.

To occupy his day, Frank would walk around the co-op, talking to neighbours. The members got to know him very well. When he died at the age of 19 years, the co-op mourned his loss. The Co-op decided to name the co-op in memory of Frank.

1987 Incorporation

The Co-op was incorporated on December 17, 1987. An architect and an engineer were hired to design the site plan and the units.

There was a big struggle to get the plan approved. Residents thought the co-op would bring down property values. Because of the opposition, there were several council meetings held to discuss the issue. The matter was taken to an OMB hearing for a final decision. *(OMB – Ontario Municipal Board).

The co-op won the battle.

1988 – Building permits, sewer plans, hydro plans were all underway.

1989 – Construction began on a 60 unit townhouse community. There would be:

  • 10 two bedroom units
  • 3 two bedroom accessible units
  • 39 three bedroom units
  • 8 four bedroom units

1990 – Construction being completed. First move ins were March, 1990. The rest of the families moved in over the next few months.

Staff was hired on April 1, 1990. Jackie O’Hearn lived in Village Green Co-op and had been involved with the entire process. She is still the General Manager to this date.

The Co-op has been involved with the Co-operative Young Leaders for many years. Jackie has actively recruited several youth, to attend the one week event. She had also been a facilitator for 6 years. Many of the youth that attended CYL, have gone on to successful careers in the Co-operative movement.

Co-operative Spirit

The Co-operative spirit is all about members working together.

Enjoy this time lapse look at members and volunteers putting together a playground at Frank McLoughlin Co-op in Brampton, ON.

Thank YouFrank McLoughlin Co-op